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Mike utför serie av intervjuer med Brenda Johnson

During a State-side visit with Nzymes in the Spring of 2017,  Brenda Johnson of Winnipeg, MB sat down with Mike Stansbury to discuss her many amazing experiences with Nzymes och andra naturterapier.


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Bella’s Paralysis – A New Beginning

1 video: Serieöppnare: På ett besök i staten diskuterar Brenda och Mike hur hennes historia började med förlamningen av hennes pomeranian, Bella, och hur denna incident var så avgörande i hennes liv. Det var hennes första verkliga upplevelse med naturliga produkter som fördes av en desperat situation.

To see the YouTube of Bella’s progression with Nzymes, Klicka Här


Bohdi Overcomes Cardiomyopathy; Lyme

2 video: Brenda discusses the story of Bohdi, and Border Collie smitten with severe Cardiomyopathy and Stage-4 Lymes Disease. Bohdi was given NO CHANCE to live as his condition had deteriorated past the “point of no return”. She was told to make him comfortable and to shower him with love and affection for his final days. Brenda had different plans and wanted to give him all the natural support possible for a dog in this condition. She explains her approach here. To see Bohdi’s full story, click Här



IC/UC – 36 Year Misdiagnosis

3 video: Mike and Brenda discuss her own set of Health Challenges. She suffered from Migraine Headaches, “Bladder Infections”, Interstitial Cystitis, and Ulcerative Colitis. For 36 years, she had been misdiagnosed, and almost lost her bladder as a result. It was her experience with Bella’s paralysis and use of Nzymes that opened her eyes to a natural approach to her issues. Read her full blog post at Brenda’s Corner Här



"Beanut“, Paralyzed Doxie Walks Again

4 video: Mike and Brenda pick up the interviews in Mike’s backyard. In it, Brenda discusses her Facebook Group for Disabled Dogs, and a feisty little Dachshund named “Beanut”. Beanut was many miles away and needed a foster home. The thing is, he was paralyzed and need someone who understood his needs. Enter Brenda Johnson…. Beanut now has a new home and a new lease on life! Read his story, and see the CTV news clips Här



Harley övervinner Pemphigus

5 video: The conversation continues and turns to Pemphigus in dogs. Brenda discusses learning that her friend’s dog Harley had been diagnosed with Pemphigus, and was given no hope for survival. He had advanced beyond the time frame for traditional therapies to have any effect. With nothing to lose, Brenda used natural means, including the Nzymes, to bring Harley back to health. To read Harley’s full story including Video, Click Här



Mänskliga upplevelser med nysmer

6 video: Brenda delar några av hennes många erfarenheter med People and Nzymes products. The recurring theme is the noticeable difference the “live food” nutrition in Nzymes kan göra i livet för dem som kämpar med sina egna hälsoutmaningar.



New Blogsite – Brenda’s Corner

7 video: Last in this series. Mike wants to discuss Brenda’s new Blog site, brendascorner.nzymes.com. Det är en ny deldomän av Nzymes.com Där Brenda är fri att diskutera de ärenden hon har jobbat med eller arbetar med. Vi hoppas att det kommer att ge människor en plats att lära sig och att inspirera.



Gunther övervinner jästproblem

8 video: On a new visit to Mike’s backyard, Brenda, and her husband Darryl discuss Gunther, a Shepherd mix plagued by a systemic yeast infection. Gunther had terrible skin, recurring ear infections, a horrendous odor, and even symptoms of an auto-immune disorder. Brenda was determined to return Gunther to health and brought him home to accomplish the task. The discussion retells his journey. Read Gunther’s Story HÄR



Emotional Journey of Shelby

9 video: Continuing our conversation around the fire, we began to discuss Shelby. In addition to battling a severe yeast problem, Shelby was plagued with emotional baggage after suffering years of neglect and abuse. Though she would have periods of great improvements, she would also regress. Brenda was determined to get to the bottom of Shelby’s problems, and discovered many factors that were playing a role. Listen as she recounts her very emotional journey into Shelby’s ‘soul’. >>Full Story



Animal Communicator betalar ett besök

10 video: I ett improviserat besök, Brenda och Animal Communicator Morgan Saifer, paid a call to Mike’s Backyard to continue the discussion of Shelby. After having a wonderful breakthrough in October, by December, it was discovered that Shelby had developed Lymphoma. She had reached the end. The news was devastating to Brenda. After so much so much effort, love and attention, she was overwhelmed by a sense of failure. What she failed to see was how many lives had been touched by her story, and how many more were saved by her passing.