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A Natural Approach to Dealing with Skin Problems in Cats

Itchy CatCats, just like dogs, are susceptible to itchy skin issues. Cat skin problems can most often be attributed to a nutritional dysfunction in their bodies due to the poorer foods and treats which use too many ingredients that convert to sugar. Cat owners readily recognize that cats are always licking their bodies – as a form of cleansing and grooming. This is how they ingest all that shedding fur that may likely come back up as hairballs, which (incidentally) can be mostly controlled by just feeding NZYMES® Sprouted Granules in the cat’s daily diet.

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If you notice your cat licking more frequently or causing skin damage by biting or scratching, it is very likely a result of leaky-gut problems and an overgrowth of yeast in the GI tract. Typical destruction of “friendly bacteria” can lead to a wide variety of symptoms and we suggest that you try our Symptom Checker Att vara fullt medveten om vilka symtom att leta efter med en katt.

Vanliga symptom på signifikanta kattsjukproblem:

  • Inflammation på huden
  • Röd, kliande fläckar
  • Frekvent bitande och slickning av tassarna
  • Konstant repning av hakan, ögonen eller magen
  • Frekventa öroninfektioner

On the other hand, if you notice your cat licking more frequently – especially at paws or lower legs – and biting or scratching more than usual, along with skin abnormalities it is very likely that another issue is involved. These issues are likely due to an imbalance of yeast in their GI tract – caused by the destruction of the very necessary “friendly bacteria” that need to be in control of the gut environment. Two issues are the result: 1) Leaky-gut syndrome and 2) yeast infection or overgrowth of the candida that is normally kept “in check” by healthy amounts of the bacteria. This problem can only be treated naturally, as there are no medications that can rid your pet of an overgrowth of yeast in the gut.

We speak with customers daily that are struggling with their cat’s skin problems. No matter what the diagnosis may be, we feel that the NZYMES® Healthy-Skin Program erbjuder en verklig och naturlig upplösning för tillståndet och vi har sett konsekvent höga framgångsgrader under nästan två decennier genom att följa ett regimerat program för god näring och rening.

Förstå tarmen, antibiotika och jäst:

While antibiotics have a real value as a treatment for life-threatening bacterial infections, their increased use has led to a volume of modern day health challenges, autoimmune diseases, and gastrointestinal damage. Recovery from these conditions can take a long time. As beneficial bacteria lining the gut wall are eliminated, yeasts like Candida albicans have the opportunity to overgrow and become dominant by attaching to the gut wall. Once attached to the gut wall, yeast has the ability to create openings in the membranes of cells. This can lead to the syndrome referred to as “leaky gut”, which increases the likelihood of foreign particles and proteins entering the bloodstream resulting in inflammation, food intolerance’s, a myriad of digestive problems, autoimmune disease, and other associated imbalances and skin conditions.

Avoiding antibiotic exposure would be the ideal, but it is simply not always practical. Sometimes, antibiotics are necessary but it is just as important to nutritionally protect the GI tract from fungal or yeast overgrowth following the use of medications and to replenish beneficial gut bacteria after antibiotics. Though antibiotics effectively kill both pathogenic and beneficial bacterial strains with the exception of antibiotic-resistant species of streptococcus and other strains, they do not affect the many forms of yeast such as Candida albicans which are naturally found in the body. Yeast Overgrowth or Candida that is normally kept “in check” by healthy amounts of the beneficial bacteria that thrive in the gut. Our experience with these very common digestive problems has shown that they can only be resolved naturally and have to be managed slowly.

Though there may be situations in which cats are actually allergic to something that they come in contact with or eat, this problem is actually not very common. And, while you will often find temporary success in helping the symptoms of this issue through traditional medicine (aka steroids, antibiotics, topical creams, etc), the problem will not go away until resolved holistically. And that’s why we are here.

Svaret: En naturlig tillvägagångssätt för att lösa katthudsproblem

feline hudproblem på armen

If your cat is struggling with skin problems or yeast issues, please try our natural approach and give it the time it takes to become a stronger healthier feline! We want all to know that we expect the cat’s symptoms to worsen over the first month or two as the body has to push out the internalized toxins during the cleansing period.
Vi erbjuder en 120-dagars pengarna tillbaka garanti på alla våra produkter så att du har gott om tid att testa det. Vår NZYMES® Frisk hud Kit kommer att hålla en katt nära ett år.

Lär dig om NZYMES® Healthy Skin Program

Steg 3 Undantag (bad) = katter uteslutna. Vi returnera inte rekommenderar så frekvent badning av katter under rengöringsprocessen, så vi rekommenderar istället att använda Ox-E-Drops Aktuell lösning (Steg #4) with greater frequency (4-5 times per day) while your cat is challenged by these ‘cleansing’ symptoms. You may also purchase medicated wipes at your local pet store that may help assist in this process. All other steps will be the same with cats as with dogs.

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