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Efter NZYMES trotsar Wobblers syndrom

trotsar wobblers syndrom

Max kommer från Champion Blood Lines

This is a final follow-up for our beautiful Great Dane, “Max”.  He was absolutely regal with champion blood lines 3 generations on both sides. Unfortunately, all the breed purity ended up in Wobblers syndrome.

When Max was about 2 1/2, he was diagnosed with 2 compressions and the specialist said he most likely wouldn’t live for more than 6 months.

Jag var fast besluten att hitta något som skulle göra det möjligt för honom att leva det bästa livet han kunde trots hans åkomma.

Söker naturlig hjälp

I 2006 hittade jag NZYMES.COM online, watched a few of their video’s and thought why not? They can’t hurt him.  So after much discussion with the owners of NZYMES®, Max började ta Antioxidant Treats.

Six months later he was running and playing like a pup.  He was never without NZYMES® again.  I know for a fact that this product kept him as healthy as he could be and kept him on his feet until he was over 7 years old.

En gång min NZYMES® order didn’t come on schedule.  After missing the Treats for 4 days, he began to drop his head and walk very carefully etc.  Then the NZYMES® Treats came and in one day he was his old self. Then one morning, he couldn’t get up.

max trotsar wobblers syndrom

The Vets treating Max couldn’t believe his health and finally admitted maybe the NZYMES® Göra arbete.

max i päls trotsar wobblers syndrom

Rekommenderar nymmer

Anyone reading this needs to know this is an amazing product if you are the least bit hesitant. I gave the Antioxidant Treats to all 3 of my dogs, now only 1,  and I don’t plan to stop until I have to.   So, thank you NZYMES.COM for your products.  I also use the Ox-E-Droppar in their water at every fill-up. Max had the best life he could have had and lived 5 years longer than the Vet’s imagined he would.

Senaste noteringar: I’ve included 3 photos that depicted Max in a good light.  He was so healthy except for the Wobblers’. I know he would have lived several more years had he not been sick. Thank you again for developing the NZYMES® antioxidants as I know they kept him healthy and stronger to fight the Wobblers’.  I rarely had to give him medicine to combat the disease, just now and again.  Max was spectacular and we miss him terribly.  He was like a 5 or 6-year-old child in many ways.

Claudia Dawson, ID

NZYMES Antioxidanter trotsar Wobblers syndrom

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