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Min hund Daisy diagnostiserades med en minskning av ryggraden och Skivan sjukdom. She also has floating patellas, but her knees have never caused her any discomfort.  Her back, however, was causing her severe pain making it an impossible feat to walk or have any kind of enjoyment in life.  She was in pain just lying there in her bed. The Vet had put her on Tramadol and Robaxin which did not do much for her to ease her pain and actually seemed to make her worse.

Our other option was surgery, but there was no guarantee that it would work and we hated to put her through that.  I desperately searched the internet for something that might help her and came across the NZYMES.COM web site and saw the video of Lily.  My poor Daisy was much like Lily and Lily’s recovery was amazing to watch.

So I decided to give it a try and am still shocked by the results I have seen.  I started Daisy on the NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats På Nov. 16th, och vid Dec. 8th gick min lilla Daisy från svår smärta och kunde inte gå mer än några steg, att springa och leka som en valp igen. Det var ungefär dag 4 när jag märkte smärtan hade lättat och hon kunde gå lite lättare. Vid den 10th dagen kunde hon faktiskt springa igen och hon har blivit bättre och starkare varje dag sedan.

Hon tar nu bara henne NZYMES® and has not had a tramadol or Robaxin since about day 7.  I am so grateful to have found something that could help her and could not have received a better Christmas gift than to have my dog happy, running and pain-free again.

Jag bestämde mig för att beställa NZYMES® För människor också och nu tar hela min familj dem.

M. Heunemann – TX

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