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Äldre Dachshund Rebounds From Paralysis

by | Juni 18, 2019 | Blogg, Förlamning

Mamma är nöjd som taxbackar från förlamning

Heather Shares Harry’s Story

Juni 18, 2019

Min man och jag blev chockade 2 veckor sedan när vår 15-åriga taxa, Harry, verkade väcka förlamad, med en uppenbar skivbristning.


After 10 days on the usual vet treatments, Metacam (NSAID pain-reliever), and muscle relaxer, he has not seen any improvement and remains immobile and completely unable to use his back legs. He has always been a very active “terrier-like” dachshund, ball obsessed, and has not taken his sudden restricted mobility well at all. His anxiety level is very high and he just seems miserable.

Tax tar sig tillbaka från förlamning

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Jag kom över din hemsida och hade lite hopp igen, så jag ställde omedelbart en order till Antioxidant Treats och Granulat. We started Harry on 1/4 tsp of the Granulat med varje måltid (två gånger per dag) och 1 Behandla med varje måltid (2 per dag) på kvällen onsdag, maj 22, 2019.

Harry börjar återvända 

Well, we have been pretty amazed about his progress since! The very next morning, he stood on his own when the “strap” we fashioned for him to go outside went slack. My husband and I were AMAZED by this. He has continued to see improvement every day since. This morning, he is standing on his own for longer periods of time. He is getting up on his own, steadying himself “up” when he starts to lean over.

Harry’s Progress

Harry’s “injury” started on Wednesday, May 8th, 2019. For 2 weeks, he did not seem to make any progress at all or even seem to realize he had legs. He made no real attempt to get up on his own, stand on his own, etc. – Now taking a few wobbly steps.

Och nu är det inte bara Harry som gör framsteg, but he is SO much happier with increased mobility and independence. Thank you so much for providing such an incredible product!”

Heather M.
Baltimore, MD

See VIDEOS Below – As Harry the Dachshund Rebounds From Paralysis




While Harry’s Mum chose to use both the NZYMES® Behandlar och den Granulat, vilket är vad du får med en Sampler Kit, this worked out very well.  This is because Harry was getting a bit higher daily quantity of NZYMES in the diet than standard LABEL recommendations.  The point being – this can often make the significant difference with serious challenges like Paralysis.  More can be learned about this by reviewing a different Story – about SALLYPOP.

Se hur Harry gör månader senare

Harry tax tar tillbaka från förlamning med dessa Nzymes-produkter

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