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Inte nötter om din hund som luktar som Fritos?

I love Fritos.  You know – those salty, crunchy corn chips – perfect for every occasion.  I believe Fritos are what God intended when he made corn (and I suspect the Mayans would have discovered the Frito long ago had they not been distracted by the discovery of beer).

My point is, I just love Fritos!  No dip is complete, no party is really started without the smell of a freshly opened bag of Fritos or similar corn chips. But this is not an editorial about party snacks… This is about something distantly related to the inviting lukt of Fritos, yet decidedly inedible…Hundfötter!  Or, at other times – it may be the öron utvisar detta skarpa lukt!

That’s right. Strangely, I didn’t quite get it – varför a fot (eller oroligt örat) skulle lukta något som min favoritstil av majschip? Det är bara oförrätter. Nevertheless, I was curious to know why a dog’s paws, ears or other body parts, could have accumulated this pungent smell. While pleasant on the snack table, certainly NOT so pleasant on the pet.

Hund luktar som fritos


Det orsakas av bakterier och jäst... inbäddat djupt i mörkret, fuktig, lurviga veck av tassskydd (eller öronhår); perfekta häckplatser för biljoner bakterier och utdrivna jästceller som bakterierna matar på!

Brutto? Ja men, is this a serious ‘paw’ problem? Inte nödvändigtvis.

För det första är det värt att notera att många har redan beslutat att detta majsfot thing is ‘normal’ – just Google ‘Frito feet’ and settle in to read some entertaining material.

Lukar din hund som Fritos?

Just because something is common, doesn’t make it normala. Common sense will tell us that it’s easy for dark, moist places to develop a bacterial or yeast infection – but, it is wise to understand that it’s possible, and even more sannolikt att jäst that’s in this equation is coming from somewhere else – in a predictable manner. Let me elaborate on that statement…

Jäst och bakterier kan växa stora och snabba. Och så kan lukten. Medan det finns hemmet, tvättar och schampon som kan hjälpa till att få saker tillbaka under kontroll topiskt, kost och nutrition also play a big part in prevention or ‘correction’ of the problem. You surely don’t want to ignore it, OR you could end up stuck in a veterinary “revolving door syndrome” like other folks bitten by the ‘Allergies in dogs’ theory.

More importantly, some further investigation is likely in order…Especially true if the Frito-chip smell is accompanied by andra problem, such as endless paw licking or biting, excessive itching of the dog, and other possible skin issues.  I recommend you ta en fullständig bedömning av din hund – for other symptoms/issues that may not be as pronounced as the troublesome smell. Why? Because, the chances are very high that this yeasty ‘Fritos odor’ is tied to one of the most “out of control” dog health issues of our modern times – Yeast overgrowth issues, a digestive system obalans that can be a serious challenge to reverse. To learn more, and see how this might be related to what you’re dealing with, as well as how to start turning things around, click here – Jäst på hundar.

NZYMES KOMMENTARER: Lyckligtvis är det svårt inte att vara uppmärksam på just detta luktproblem ... Du behöver inte gå ner på händerna och knäna för att ta en sniff varje natt. Om inte näsan är uppstoppad kommer du att bli påmind om problemet varje gång du går in i ditt hus och upptäcker den inte riktigt så inbjudande Frito-ish-lukten. Tyvärr detta illaluktande problem Kan get SO BAD that it’s well beyond the ‘making jokes about Fritos’ stage. This is because the ‘smell/odor’ problem in dogs – related to yeast overgrowth – is among the hardest-to-deal-with symptoms common to Yeast candida issues.  If you have this Odor problem with your dog, it is very likely there are other symptoms that help define the yeast issue.  We advise that you utilize our special Symptom Checker to see what kind of score you come up with, which can further assist with any conversation or assessment. Then, we recommend you give Nzymes a Call (M-F, 9am to 6pm PST) at 877-816-6500.  We’ll spend the time with you to determine the best approach with what symptoms you see.  Please don’t delay; your dog could be getting worse day by day. To see how bad it can get, and get a better understanding of the ODOR issue, we recommended you spend some time with a special Intervju Video with our associate in Winnipeg who has been brave enough to TAKE-IN dogs with severe skin and smell issues – to accomplish most of the ‘cleansing work’ before returning the dogs to rightful owners.

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